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Important Notice and Permission Slip

Dear RYLA Conference Participants:

For over twenty years the RYLA Conference has been held at the YMCA Estes Park Center and for the past twelve or so years students have been domiciled in one of Eastside Lodges. They work well for us as we occupy the entire dorm and house students and counselors together in the same building. Several years ago the YMCA remodeled the Eastside Lodges so they now have two bunk beds and one queen-size bed per room.

There are still six students (same gender, of course) assigned to each room. For the past several years, these housing arrangements have not been an issue of any kind. One year, though, one parent had an issue with this arrangement (Queen bed rather than a third bunk bed). So, rather than deny the RYLA Leadership Experience to some 45 students, we choose to keep this arrangement (6 students per room), advise you of it and get your acknowledgement and approval of it. You should know that there are 45 counselors and staff and they are on every floor of the dorm. Any questions should be directed to:

RYLA Conference Chair


I understand the housing arrangements and give my approval for my son/daughter/guardianship to attend the RYLA Conference at the YMCA Estes Park Center, Eastside Lodges:

Print name of student   Signature of Parent/Guardian

Please give this completed form to the Rotary club at your interview, and they will fax it to the RYLA Registrar, together with the signed application.
(per the Paperwork Checklist on the Club Information page of