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Dear RYLA Conferee:

Before you know it, the Rotary Youth Leadership Conference (RYLA) will be starting. Actually, it will be Sunday July 16th. And, if you have not received it already, you will be receiving a package of information from Dave Amen, Conference Registrar, with all the details you will need about this exciting week-long leadership experience. In the meantime, we want you to meet the Rotarians of (The Rotary Club) that are sponsoring your scholarship.

So, come and be our guest (for one of two rotary meetings) we will have on (dates).. We gather at the (XYZ) Club at (x:xx A.M. or P.M). Directions are available at (Our Rotary Club website). Let me know by replying to this email which date you plan to come!

Best regards,
(A. Rotarian)
(Contact info)