Rocky Mountain RYLA Visitor Information

Please print this page and take it with you when you visit.

Please alert us days before your arrival so we can have your meal ticket ready and be looking for you. Email the registrar ( and/or call the RYLA phone number (404-939-RYLA).

When driving in, follow the purple lines, turn left in front of Hyde Chapel (13) and park in the parking area in front of the 3 lodge buildings. You can identify which lodge we occupy by looking for the RYLA banners. You can park wherever you’d like, but this parking lot works well.

Please ask to find the RYLA Chair or the Chair’s Assistant when you find RYLA people!

Our activities are generally in these areas – yellow circles. These numbers are in the red dots:

  • Our main lodge (7, 30 or 34).
  • Wilome Conference Center (36)
  • Ruesch Dining Hall (35)
  • Courts and field in front of the main building (1)