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Cliff notes about the RYLA and Young RYLA Registration Process

Important Items

  • All information will be sent to the Rotary Club RYLA Representatives via the email addresses recorded on this web site.

  • All registration information can be found on this Website. Detailed instructions are on the RYLA Registration Details page.

  • Dates for RYLA and Young RYLA are on the RYLA Calendar.

  • Deadlines and some more details are on the calendar page.

  • The Club RYLA Representatives have the primary registration responsibilities including:
          - Managing their own contact information in the Club Area.
          - Managing slot requests and payments.
          - Meeting registration deadlines.
          - Acting as Primary Contact for the students.
          - Seeing that the selected students are interviewed.
          - Providing transportation for the selected students to and from the YMCA of the Rockies if they cannot get there on their own.

  • While the Club Representative, not the RYLA Registrar, is the primary contact for the students, the Registrar e-mails all sorts of RYLA information to the selected students.

Step by Step

  1. Get familiar with the web site and your Club Area. Be curious. See how the website can work for you. Be sure to look at the View/Download links (from the Club Information link in the gray menu) and print them out if you wish. Also, if you ever lose track of any information, it will be waiting for you here.

  2. Closely review the RYLA Registration Details page.

  3. Reserve the number of spaces you want for RYLA in your Club Area before March 15 and get them paid to lock in your request.

  4. Promote RYLA in your local high schools with the permission and assistance of the high school.

  5. Go online to the RYLA website, log into the Club Area, view applications from students in your local high schools and choose the ones you would like to interview.

  6. Interview and select students, remembering to choose a balanced number of boys and girls, and ensure that they intend to stay for the entire conference.

  7. Contact the students you have selected and invite them to a club meeting, introduce them, build up the importance of this program both to the selected students and your fellow club members — it will be beneficial to all concerned and build better friendships.

  8. Take responsibility for transporting your selected students to and from RYLA.

After RYLA/Followup

  1. Invite your selected students back to your club to give a presentation on their experiences at RYLA a week or two after the conference has concluded.

  2. Your club president will receive declarations made by your selected students to affect change in your community. Please assist your students in completing what ever commitment to your community they have made.

  3. Use your past RYLA students to help recruit for this year…or start an Interact Club.