SENIOR RYLA Paperwork Checklist and Cover Page!
NEW Fax number: (888) 889-0198

All signatures must be in BLUE or BLACK ink. Alternate fax if needed: (720) 398-3332.

PREFER TO SCAN?  File MUST be a PDF in Black and White (no color).
Scan as DOCUMENT (not Picture), with small file size (around 50K per page)
Email your PDF(s) to .

The registrars spend countless hours poring over 700 of these (5,000 pages), so please verify that everything is complete BEFORE scanning or faxing! Use this checklist!

THIS checklist IS YOUR COVER PAGE (DO NOT include your own COVER PAGE).
Please send each Applicant’s paperwork in a SEPARATE PDF or Fax!

Incomplete? DO NOT SEND partial paperwork! Wait until you have ALL of that applicant’s paperwork (you’ve verified EVERY ITEM below). PRINT your info here:

______________    ____________________    _____________________
      Your Club              Your Name                         Your E-mail

_____________________        ____________________
   Applicant’s First Name              Applicant’s Last Name

Print this checklist as your COVER PAGE, followed by their Application, then Housing Permission Slip (HPS):

  • ONLY send paperwork for FINALIZED applicants. Go to and mark them as Finalized first if you need to!
  • ALTERNATES - collect and hold (do not yet send) paperwork for alternates.
  • All signatures and notes on special needs should be in BLUE or BLACK ink.
  • Please send EACH applicant in a separate fax transmission or PDF.

Send paperwork for your Finalized Senior RYLA Applicants right-side up (HEAD FIRST into the fax machine) in the order below:

A) This Checklist/Cover Page followed by these pages in this order.

B) The printed application showing name, address, parent names, phone numbers, etc.

  • Grade next fall – must be 11th or 12th.
  • Ensure that their birthdate seems reasonable for their grade level.
  • Page(s) with Parent and applicant signatures.
  • Notes regarding special needs, such as wheelchair access.

C) Legible Housing Permission Slip signed by a parent.


  • "Vision for the 21st Century" essay (this is for your use when deciding among candidates).
  • Your own cover sheet or notes (the checklist page fulfills that purpose).
  • Medications they’re bringing (these future leaders manage their own medications).