Junior Counselor (JC) Application




Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the RYLA JC team! We are looking for the people to carry on this tradition of excellence. RYLA needs JC’s who are ready to facilitate the “RYLA magic” for another year of young adults!


JC Application Deadline: October 31


Please read this page carefully and take time to write your answers to the questions below in a document so you can copy and paste them into your application. Start your application now – do not wait until the deadline!


The JC selection process begins with the completion of this application. The JC selection committee will carefully read each application and reach a decision that reflects the goals of RYLA. The requirements for the Junior Counselor position are as follows:


·      Previous attendance at RYLA.

·      Web-based application describing why you feel you would be a good candidate.

·      Excellent leadership ability and communication skills.

·      Approval by the selection committee.

·      Attendance at the mandatory training session.


The two major purposes of the Junior Counselor program are to enable young adults to continue their leadership development and to ensure the fulfillment of the goals for the RYLA conferees and Young RYLA campers. To this end, RYLA and YRYLA each hold a mandatory Junior Counselor Training session located at the Boys & Girls club in Fort Collins CO or other location as announced. You must attend this training in order to be a JC at RYLA or YRYLA.


You are certainly familiar with (Senior) RYLA. We also conduct our Young RYLA conferences in late July in Larkspur, CO for students who have just finished seventh grade. YRYLA is an exciting and unique experience that requires talented and enthusiastic counselors continuing in the RYLA tradition. Please note that if you are selected for this leadership opportunity, you may be selected to be a JC at RYLA or at Young RYLA!


       Look on www.rmRYLA.org for RYLA/Young RYLA dates (JC’s must arrive the day before)

              Your mandatory training weekend in June/July will be announced


Your application and photo must be entered into the web by the application deadline. You will be informed of the committee’s decision by January 31.


Thank you for your continued interest in RYLA and good luck!






To apply for the position of Junior Counselor, please carefully complete the web application. Responses should be CONCISE (we read answers from over 200 applicants, so please keep your answers SHORT and sweet)!

Note that the application accepts TEXT ONLY – no special characters, emoticons, etc.

100-word answers - MAX - are preferred for each question.
Answers over 150 words will be ignored!


If your picture doesn’t already appear in your application, please upload a photo of yourself so we can put a face to each application.
It must be a jpg, maximum size 100K.
Anything larger will be deleted!
And please make sure your face appears clearly in your picture.




Web-based JC Application


You should already be in the RYLA database, so this next screen will ask you to use your name and birth date to start the application. If it doesn’t work, review the instructions to the right of “Login Name” and “Password” and ensure that your name and birth date are formatted exactly as requested.


If it still doesn’t work, send an e-mail to Registrar@rmRYLA.org with your name and birthdate exactly as you typed them on the screen – and we’ll check it out and let you know.


Note that the system saves everything you write as soon as you click “Next” to go to another page. Until the application deadline, you can come back here and walk through your application again and again until you’re completely happy with it. The final page (summary) shows your application exactly as the committee will see it, so feel free to continue adjusting your application or replacing your picture until you’re satisfied. Also, please be sure to follow the instructions on the summary page. Here we go!

IMPORTANT: do not wait until late in October to start!


              Web-based JC Application    (only valid during the month of October)